iPad as a Creation Device

Here is a quote from an article from slate.com that talks about iPad use in the classroom. Interesting to me is this quote:

The teachers cared most about how the devices could capture moments that told stories about their students’ experiences in school. Instead of focusing on what was coming out of the iPad, they were focused on what was going into it. http://slate.me/ZsuLe7

I have often spoken about the iPad being a consumption device but this perspective really helps we realize that although it is consumptive, it is also a creative device. I think I sometimes forget about this perspective, but it’s an important one.

2 thoughts on “iPad as a Creation Device

  1. It is creative as you want it to be (dependent on the software of course).
    For example, as a musician, I use GarageBand to produce backing tracks and self contained music and thoroughly enjoy it.

  2. Yes, but as a computer science teacher, I can’t use it to “create” as in programming, there is no compiler, so I can only “create from apps” which is nice, but not a full blown creation tool. The creation I am thinking of is creating something like garage band 😉

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