Wa’zup with the naming at Apple?

So as a computer science teacher I have often taught the lesson about things that are understood about software. Your first trial version will be labeled a beta. Your first release is usually a 1.0 (or no number at all). Minor releases after that will be 1.1, 1.2 or even a tiny release – 1.3.1 perhaps? until your next big breakthrough at 2.0 and so on down the line. It’s why we got to OS X at Apple.  This is a great lesson, usually, because the students now in my classroom don’t remember OS < 7 or even god-forbid – DOS!

Then along comes the iPad. The next great release after that is of course..the iPad 2 – then Apple broke with tradition and we had the iPad. (sigh) The retina display was so awesome on my aging eyes that I just went with it.  Now it appears we’re starting with the iPad Air series. I like this better because the more unique name distinguishes it from it’s earlier predecessors.

Last week I upgraded one of my computers to Mavericks. (Have to say I am sorry to see the big cats go, but c’est la vie!)  Then I updated my applications, too. I went from iMovie ’11 to (drum roll please) the newest release of iMovie – which is iMovie 10!

Seriously, iMovie 10 is a shock. I had heard from an engineer that the long range goal was to merge Final Cut and iMovie into one product. Okay, so I get that, but seriously, you guys out in Cupertino couldn’t come up with a name that was at least moving forward numerically?

Time to get off my soap box. Thanks for reading.images

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