Big Brother 30 years later

When I was young, probably jr. high, we read George Orwell’s 1984. At that point the big brother world seemed science fiction. I’ve been doing some reading about Big Data. It fascinates me. The idea that statistics, the thing that gave me such fits as an undergrad, and understanding sample size will be a thing of the past. For in Big Data N = population is a liberating concept. But it is 2014, 30 years from the title of the book and this happens.
I compose an email from a gmail account. No big deal. In the body of the text I type attached is where I proceeded to embed a link. When I hit send, Google came back and gave me a warning. The gist of which was we see you have an attachment, and you don’t have a file attached, do you want to still send this email now?
Yikes! Google is reading my email. I guess that shouldn’t surprise me. Maybe this feature could have saved me some professional embarrassment over the years when I didn’t attach the things I meant to, but on some level Google reading my email I haven’t sent yet is really bothering me!!


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