Thinking about Tweens Online

I have been doing a little digging on this topic to get ready for a parent coffee.  Although the sites are ever-changing my advice is somewhat constant.

  • Don’t be afraid to look at your child’s device, in fact let them know you will be looking
  • Don’t be afraid to say no. There are some sites that are just inappropriate – little good has come from sites like yik yak – that allow users to be anonymous.  Any time kids can be anonymous they try on different personalities and even the nicest kid can do mean things – because they are trying on a personna that is not them!
  • Any sites you do allow your child on be sure to check privacy settings. And then keep rechecking them because many will change them from time to time, it’s part of the game.
  • If sites don’t allow accounts for kids under 13, then try to keep your child off of them, and if you can’t be sure to watch the account with them.
  • Don’t assume your child knows more about technology than you do.  Lack of fear is not the same as learning and being educated!  Take the time to work together. You have a great opportunity to set ground rules for your teen and BE A PARENT!

Here is an interesting article Reaching Gen Y-Fi about tweens. The punchline is that tweens are a big market and advertisers are looking for them.


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