Information graphics or infographics are picture representations of information, data or knowledge. These graphics present information quickly with limited text and generally pleasing images. They provide a snapshot in a new way that you can process the information. They’re data visualizations that present complex information quickly and clearly. Think of maps, signs, and charts used by statisticians or computer scientists: Wherever you have deep data presented in visual shorthand, you’ve got an info graphic.

Today information graphics are everywhere in print, online and video media, in published works both pedestrian and scientific, in manuals, signs, blogs and newspapers – written or electronic. They illustrate information that would be unwieldy in text form, and act as a visual shorthand. Try to make your point without a lot of text. One more example of our society moving faster!

About them


Tools for Creating.

THE BEST creation site I’ve found so far…

You’ll need good graphics editors to create them:

Ribbet, or  or  to edit pictures

download an open source editor for almost any platform like photoshop inkscape

Also online or download sumopaint

online graphic editor

or sketchpad at


This site is new and puts your “slides” together as a clean infographic when you download as a jpg also the options for addition info graphic pieces is right on a tool bar of info graph widgets. it is called

Here is an interesting site for your data mining

Here is some advice about making info graphics with lots of colorful examples.



 The following site can be used to create graphics and elements
 Great exhaustive list of infographic tools this page is a great list of all kinds of aspects
Infographics and Color choices…
This page has great information about the colors of the web…

Don’t forget Human Interface Guidelines. How would you present your infographic to your audience if you knew that they were color blind? Should this make a difference in YOUR presentation?


advice about color choices

 Kathy Schrocks Guide to Infographics