iPad Musings

Working with iPads originally tagged as “an app for that” really involves transformative thinking. It’s a new way of thinking about the power of technology. It took me a while before I realized that I could whip out my phone and take a picture of something. Initially I got that I could take a picture of those cherished moments with family. Heck, that was when I remembered to bring a camera, now I always had one with me. It was discovering that I could use it when I needed to remember something that brought a nudge in a new direction. That moment when I realized I didn’t have to take the piece of paper at the airport parking lot to remember where I parked, I only had to take a picture of it and I would have it with me. Receiving a rental car with t scratch and taking the picture before leaving the rental lot so that there would be proof if needed upon its return. For me, it has been a whole new way of thinking. The iPad in the classroom should be a similar experience. Tomorrow, the long explanation of photosynthesis can be spontaneously recorded, or drawn layer by layer in brushes so that the student isn’t left with that one static image that was the old way of note taking.

Today we have thousands of apps. In the first generation of iPad I the classroom we looked for apps to do special things. There are numerous blog posts that list apps by blooms taxonomy, or the more recent SAMR model. Wile these lists provide great ideas and starting points, the true technology classroom is the one that achieves seamless integration and is not celebrated as using technology, but celebrated for the quantity and accomplishments of the students and their learning.  With that in mind, here is the list of apps we are beginning our pilot with, and the students will have great ideas of how we can use these devices. We need to encourage an atmosphere of learning and model what we can, but be willing to experiment and move forward together.

The starting list
Keynote for presentations
iMovie for creating recordings
Pages for word processing
Notability for marking up PDF files
ComicBook to create comic books and drawings
Creative book builder for creating ebooks from student documents
Puffin web browser that supports flash

Haiku learning
Evernote for syncing notes across devices
Google drive to access google apps for education account
iBooks for reading books and PDF files
Dropbox for backing up data outside of google
Subtext allows for group readings  this one got sold and isn’t maintained well
*baiboard collaboration
*Group Board

Not sure if free

Kids might like

Links of lists of recommended apps