Scratch Resources

scratchcatUse Scratch as a way to increase STEM learning!

Scratch is a project of the Lifelong Kindergarten Group at the MIT Media Lab. It is provided free of charge.

Scratch helps you learn the basics of computer science coding. I have taught some workshops on Scratch at FETC I presented a poster about it that won second place! This page provides the resources that I referenced and that I have updated from time to time.


Curriculum guide: has moved (with Dr. Brennan to Harvard at

Release Date August 2018! Scratch 3.0 Wiki


download site




Curriculum Ideas:

K-4 Storytelling and Create Simple Animations
5-8 Create Games
9-12 Games and Simulations for any discipline

Physical Science – Create an animation of Newton’s Laws of motion or thermal energy exchanges
Environmental Science – Create an evolution game that considers scenarios and adaptations
Engineering – Create a game that imitates gravity or solves a building challenge
Technology – Students are learning to code which challenges and develops CRITICAL THINKING!

Links to the resources I uploaded on the Scratched site that you can use as demos:

Link to the FCIS 2018 Summer Symposium Slide Deck.

Link to the FCIS 2017 Slide Deck.

Link to the FETC 2018 Firehose Session


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